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Sale of assets in

Insolvency proceedings

One of our main work areas is Insolvency Law, where we act as Lawyers of the debtor or one of the creditors, and also, in some occasions, as the Insolvency Administration ofan insolvency proceeding, named by the competent courts.

This section has, as its only objective, to spread and give higher publicity to insolvency assets for its direct sale, in a completely free way, without increasing the cost for the insolvency proceeding and/or the potential buyer. This is not an exclusive or excluding way of publicity, but an additional one, because we believe that all added value that tries to maximize the value of the insolvency assets will be of general interest of the Insolvency proceeding. Under no circumstances, this is or can this be understood as a contractual “offer”, nor a petition or request of any type. The sale conditions of each asset will depend on that established in the Spanish Insolvency Law and the approved judicial regime for each case.