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Labour Law

In order to be able to offer the most correct legal practice in the field of Labour Law, an area of Law which is ever changing and very complex, our professionals maintain constant training which allows us to provide our customers with rapid, up to date and solid answers in the face of problems which may arise in the firm’s administration and social security.

Our experience has proved that no companies are the same; therefore, the problems and solutions that have to be offered have to be exclusively designed for each company. Our team of professionals always work in direct contact with the customer to achieve this end and becomes integrated within the organization acquiring a thorough knowledge of each company which it advises by supplying a multitude of services at their disposal which include the following amongst others:


  • Advice on the subject of ordinary labour contracts and personnel selection.
  • Plans for varied remuneration systems and stock options.
  • Senior management contracts; no competition, exclusivity and confidentiality pacts.
  • Early retirement plans and equality schemes.
  • Supplementary social welfare.
  • Advice on the subject of the prevention of labour related risks.
  • Negotiation of labour negotiations and collective company agreements.
  • Advice and design of methods of conciliation between work and family life.
  • Succession of the company and groups of companies relating to labour aspects.
  • Outsourcing and activity outsourcing.
  • Labour and Social Security audits. (due diligence)
  • Labour advice in the field of states of insolvency.
  • External flexibility measures: collective and individual dismissals.
  • Internal flexibility measures: temporary suspension of work contracts and reduction of working hours, geographical mobility and substantial modifications to work conditions.
  • Procedures before the authorities dealing with mediation, arbitration and conciliation, and before the authorities dealing with resolving collective conflicts.
  • Procedures before the Labour Courts, the Labour Courtrooms of the Superior Justice Tribunals and the Crown Court.