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The prestigious American legal directory Best Lawyers has distinguished Antonia Magdaleno, managing partner of the firm that bears his name, among the best specialists in Insolvency and Reorganization-Spain’s equivalent to the specialty of Bankruptcy Law.

Best Lawyers is a specialized publication in the legal industry for four years published a list of the best lawyers in Spain in different specialties and practices law. This directory has a huge reputation in the field of Spanish law since they are the same lawyers of our country who vote and decide who the top professionals in each of the specialties.

Of the four editions published by Best Lawyers, this is the third time that includes in its ranking to Antonia Magdaleno, although this time he was already a corner office.

Antonia Magdaleno opened last April his own firm, Attorneys Sue, with three other partners: Beatriz Carbonell, Sonia Roldán and Vicente Gimeno. The new firm, with offices in Valencia and Madrid, offers legal advice in any area of the company and the market but are specialists in bankruptcy law, commercial litigation and arbitration.

In bankruptcy law, an area which has been specially mentioned now, the firm has extensive experience in representing both companies bankrupt or creditors, as in the position of administrators.

In fact, all its members have been appointed as such numerous times by different commercial courts in Spain. Antonia Magdaleno It has been designated as an administrator in contests as important as those of Llanera, Urazca, Marsans, Supermarkets and Madrid, the most prominent of them all, that of the commercial Martinsa, considered the most important of business history Spain.