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We have the capacity and resources to be able to offer rapid, appropriate solutions for the legal requirements of major corporations and small and medium size enterprises. We are capable of immediately establishing multi-disciplinary teams capable of providing a complete service tailored to the legal needs and requirements of each client at all times.

Our aim is to serve our clients rigorously and professionally within the field of legal practice that is most relevant to their companies and businesses. We endeavour to contribute to the success of their businesses by means of specialised, qualified legal advice concerning judicial and market issues, consequently being able to compete with the major law firms in Spain on any of the following fields of work: Procedural Law, Arbitration, Insolvency Law, Merchant Law and Economic Criminal Law.

Working at SUE ABOGADOS means being part of a great team of professionals in an environment that favours law and teamwork. By means of efficient, integrated people management, we enhance the personal and professional development of each of our colleagues.

The Human Resources policy we employ reflects our commitment to our personnel as the best guarantee to achieve our commitment to society, which we understand to be as follows:

There is only one way to defend companies, and that is through people

There is only one way to be world leaders in law, and that is by developing leaders within our team.

There is only one way to be responsible in the face of society, and that is by having independent, committed professionals.

Ensuring compliance with our business objectives would not be possible without the contribution and dedication of our professionals and a diverse, multidisciplinary workforce, hosting one common interest: defending our clients.