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It is said that the best lawyer is the one who resolves a conflict without going to court. It is true that the practice of arbitration and mediation are becoming increasingly more important as a mechanism for settling disputes among businesses.

Today, arbitration is a very interesting alternative to judicial channels for companies to settle their conflicts with other companies, between a business and its administrators or its partners, or even between partners themselves.

The principal advantage is that this practice is much quicker and cheaper than taking cases to court, and in a matter of months conflicts, which could otherwise take several years to settle in the courts, can be settled.

That is why we are present as arbitrators in the European Arbitration Association and in the principal courts of arbitration in our country: The Spanish Court of Arbitration, Madrid Court of Arbitration, Valencia Court of Arbitration, Barcelona Court of Arbitration, Civil and Merchant Court of Arbitration, courts of arbitration of the official bar societies of Madrid and Valencia and the chambers of commerce of both cities.

We provide legal advice and defence in aspects such as the appointment of arbitrators, evidence submission aid, interim measures, action of annulment of arbitrational findings and forced execution thereof.